About Chock Talk, Fire Service Culture and Wisdom

The strategy of ChockTalk is to provide simple and actionable content that is especially useful for responders in the Aurora, CO public safety ecosystem.

There are enough blogs about how to fight fire. One might argue there are too many. Maybe ChockTalk is just another one of those. And that’s okay; who doesn’t like to write about fire? But that’s not the focus. The focus is culture. I personally believe that there are some ancient firehouse traditions that need to be preserved (and bad habits that need to die). While some of the writing will be directed toward helping the individual thrive within a given environment, the most valuable content is intended to help the individual make positive changes to that environment. (The heart of a fire fighter is, after all, to make the situation better–not just to survive.)

Given this lofty goal, I am fully attuned to the fact that I cannot do it alone. Therefore, please understand that if you are interested in this content, you might also have something to offer. If you are interested in writing on topics in this realm, please contact me.

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